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Understand deadlines for compliance and penalties for non-compliance


Enforcement is handled by the Sustainability Office of Public Works and the Code Enforcement Division of the Police Department.

When the Town becomes aware of noncompliance, either through a complaint, failure to report compliance when required or inspection of the premises, a two-warning process begins prior to code enforcement.

1. The first warning is a 30-day Notice of Pending Violation letter sent by Sustainability staff.

2. If the steps to become compliant are not completed within the 30 days allowed, the case will be referred to Code Enforcement at the Police Department for further investigation.

3. If compliance is not achieved within 14 days of Code Enforcement opening an investigation, fines begin to be assessed.

Town of Breckenridge Town Code 4-16-10, 4-16-13, and 5-6-14 and associated Public Works Administrative Rules and Regulations.

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