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Watering Schedules 2024

Listed below are the watering schedule for 2024. If you have further questions, please contact the Town of Breckenridge 

Public Works Phone: (970)-453-3170
Water Division Operations/General Information 970-453-3173

Why The Change?

"Previously, several towns and water providers had different schedules. To further complicate things, many people who live in unincorporated Summit County are customers of Breckenridge or Frisco water. And different schedules got really confusing, really fast! Thankfully, local leaders agreed to a solution – unified watering schedules."



Watering schedules are indispensable tools for water conservation efforts, crucial in our collective responsibility to steward water resources wisely. By adhering to a structured watering regimen, individuals can effectively manage their water usage, ensuring that only the necessary amount is applied to sustain plant life without excess runoff or waste. This approach not only safeguards against water scarcity but also promotes soil moisture retention, reducing the need for frequent irrigation. Moreover, by synchronizing watering with optimal times of the day, such as early morning or late evening, evaporation losses are minimized, maximizing the efficiency of water uptake by plants. Embracing watering schedules as a cornerstone of water conservation not only preserves precious resources but also cultivates a culture of environmental mindfulness, essential for sustainable living in an increasingly water-stressed world.

Watering Schedules.jpg
2024 watering.jpg

These schedules in Breckenridge are Mandatory

Not sure if your property is within Town of Breckenridge? Use the Summit County GIS Parcel Query Tool.

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