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Thank you!
The Winter 2022-23 prize weeks have concluded, and we'd like to thank everyone that participated!
We continue to challenge community members to replace at least 1 trip per week with alternative transportation!

What is the "Mayor's Alternative Commute Challenge"?

Mayor Eric Mamula has challenged everyone in the community to replace at least ONE car trip each week, with an alternative form of transportation.

Q: What do you mean by alternative transportation? Alternative to what?
A: By alternative transportation we mean any alternative to a single-occupancy vehicle (SOV). By walking, biking, riding the bus, or even carpooling, you are utilizing alternative transportation that helps reduce traffic and is more sustainable for our environment.

Q: Why should I ditch my car and take alternative transportation?

A: Why not? Using alternative transportation typically leads to a healthier lifestyle, is better for the environment, and can save you money compared to the costs of owning/operating a personal vehicle. (Did you know AAA estimates the average cost to own/operate a personal vehicle is over $10,000/year?!)

Q: Can I win something?
A: We gave out over twenty $50 gift cards from local restaurants to random winners that submitted
their alternative commutes over the the Winter 22-23 season That prize-period has concluded, but we are looking to offer a similar prize-period later this summer. We'll post the details here when it's ready to launch! 

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