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Breckenridge EVs in the News

Caption: CBSN Denver covers Breck's latest deployment of EV chargers.

DENVER (January 14, 2021) Getting around Breckenridge just got easier, and cheaper, as electric vehicles take center stage with 11 new charging stations, with 22 ports total. The new stations are thanks to a partnership between Xcel Energy and the Town of Breckenridge and will help Breckenridge advance its carbon emissions reduction goals, while also fitting into Xcel Energy’s broader electric vehicle vision to power 1.5 million electric vehicles in its service areas by 2030.

Along with Xcel Energy, the Colorado Energy Office, National Car Charging, and Alliance Electric Solutions provided money and technical support to bring the charging stations to Breckenridge.

“Electric vehicles offer our customers a great opportunity to save money on transportation costs, and partnerships like this benefit all Coloradoans by reducing carbon emissions while keeping bills low,” said Hollie Velasquez Horvath, senior director of state affairs and community relations, Xcel Energy—Colorado. “Providing support to our communities to install charging stations also fits into our statewide plan to make it easier for drivers to reliably and affordably power their electric vehicles with new charging infrastructure and options that meet their needs.”

“Breckenridge has a goal to be powered community-wide by 100% renewable electricity by 2030,” said Mayor Eric Mamula. “As the electric grid gets cleaner, and drivers transition off fossil fuel vehicles, we can have a massive impact on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. This is the first major step to providing convenient, inexpensive charging opportunities to our residents and visitors that drive that transition to clean energy.”

The charging stations have been up and running since the end of December and already Breckenridge is seeing up to 50 unique drivers taking advantage of the new stations every month.

The charging stations typically have a four-hour limit and charge 20-cents per kilowatt hour. There is a charge for exceeding the time limit. Stations are located around Breckenridge, including:

• Town Hall, 150 Ski Hill Rd.

• Recreation Center, 880 Airport Rd.

• Public Works, 1095 Airport Rd.

• Steven C. West Ice Arena, 189 Pass Rd.

Electric Vehicle drivers are encouraged to download the ChargePoint app for payment, charging and availability information.

Last month, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission approved Xcel Energy’s Transportation Electrification Plan that will drive forward the state’s electric vehicle transition and help the state achieve its climate goals. The plan will allow the company to build and support more charging stations and gives incentives to homeowners to install charging equipment under programs Xcel Energy is developing. It also provides support for converting school buses and government and business fleets to electric vehicles.

Xcel Energy is already focused on reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2030 as it strives to provide customers with 100% carbon free electricity by 2050. The 80% goal exceeds emission reductions consistent with the Paris climate agreement and, based on Xcel Energy’s 2018 climate report, its overall carbon strategy is consistent with a 1.5-degree scenario. The benefits of Xcel Energy’s clean energy transition extend to vehicles as more and more cars transition to fueling up on the company’s increasingly clean electricity.

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