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Save water and money with Slow the Flow

It is officially May which, for many of us, means it's time to start paying attention to our yards again! In addition to weeding and reseeding, make sure to check your irrigation system for leaks. Better yet, let the pros do it for you.

Breckenridge’s Slow the Flow program offers free irrigation audits and recommends easy ways to tune up your sprinklers and optimize the way you water your yard. Saving you water, money, and time with efficient watering practices. Trained technicians from Resource Central will come by for a site visit in July or August to test and inspect your sprinklers.

A green lawn is great, but watering your sidewalk and over watering your lawn is not so great for your wallet or the environment. With Slow the Flow, you can learn how to adjust your sprinklers so they water just what needs to be watered for the optimal amount of time.

Slow the Flow is free to any Breckenridge homeowner, HOA, or business. As long as you have a lawn, Resource Central will come out and inspect it at no cost to you. All you need to do is sign up for a water check up and start saving money and water!

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