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Sustainability doesn't just live in one department. It takes the collective culture of an organization to reach such lofty goals. Below are a few of the staff working to ensure sustainability is a town's way of life.


Jessie Burley

Sustainability and Parking Manager

Jane Horton

Teddy Wilkinson

Sustainability/Alt. Transportation Admin

Joey DiCerbo

Mobility Support Specialist 

Scott Jackman

Streets and Parks Manager

Steve Worrall

Streets Assistant Manager

James Phelps

Public Works Director 

Mark Truckey

Community Development Director

Matt Hulsey

Assistant Mobility Director

Cathy Boland

Accounting Coordinator

Annette Kubek

Rec. Marketing and Admin Coordinator

Judd Chase

Manager of Mobility 

Randy Gill

Ice Program Manager

Matt Pellant

Assistant Facilities Manager

Andy Cotton

Assistant Transit Manager

Rick Fout

Chief Building Official

Chris Kulick

Planning Manager

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