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Carryout Bag Fee to Increase to 25 Cents May 4

Updated: May 1, 2023

On March 28, 2023, the Breckenridge Town Council passed Ordinance 12-23, which increases the paper bag fee to $.25 and requires paper carryout bags contain 100% recycled content. This ordinance aligns Breckenridge with new state regulations on carryout bags and maintains the plastic bag prohibition established in 2021.

The Town of Breckenridge began collecting the disposable bag fee in 2013 in order to discourage the use of single use bags and to reduce waste. While bag use has decreased compared to taxable sale increases, many disposable bags are still being used and end up landfills, litter the environment, use precious resources, impede drainage systems, and impact wildlife. Allowable bags under Ordinance 12-23 are fully recyclable in Summit County curbside programs. Additionally, the Town encourages businesses to participate in the Breckenridge Reusable Bag program to encourage reusable bags and eliminate paper bag use.

Ordinance 12-23 becomes effective May 4, 2023.

Key Changes to Bag Ordinance

Who must comply with the new ordinance?

What bags incur the $.25 carryout bag fee?

If I'm a vendor at a Farmer's Market or Art Fair, do I need to comply with the bag fee?

If I'm a restaurant, what do I need to know?

How do I remit my bag fees to the Town?

Are there reusable bags available for resale at my store?

Do I need to post signage in my business?

Can I keep a portion of the carryout bag fee?

What are the carryout bag fee revenues spent on?

What are the penalties for not remitting my bag fee?

Can I use my existing inventory of recycled paper bags?

Can I charge an additional fee to help cover my costs?

Other questions? If you have other questions regarding the new carryout bag ordinance, please contact

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