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E-Delivery + Logistics

Updated: May 9

Food and Beverage Pilot 2024

Welcome to the E-Delivery + Logistics program page where we'll be providing up to date information on the pilot, informational events, and launch dates. Tentative launch date for deliveries to begin is August 2024.

To submit specific questions about the program, please contact


  • To improve safety and guest experience in and around Breckenridge's Main Street and Riverwalk corridor

  • To reduce vehicular traffic and improve delivery efficiency

  • To reduce idle times and vehicle miles travelled to improve local air quality


Upcoming Public Info Sessions

E-Delivery Roundtable #1

Friday, May 10 - 10AM-11:30AM - Public Works Conference Room, 1095 Airport Rd

Tour the Vail Loading & Delivery dock and program

Thursday, May 23 7am - 9am - Park at Vail Village Parking Structure. 241 E Meadow Dr. Vail, CO 81657

An in-person tour of the Vail loading and delivery dock, come see this type of program in-action! If you cannot attend at this date, 106West is happy to accommodate program tours at other dates upon request.

E-Delivery Roundtable #2

Thursday, May 23 - 11:30AM - 1PM - Public Works Conference Room, 1095 Airport Rd

Breckenridge Restaurant Association Meeting

Wednesday, June 5 - 9AM - Town Council Chambers, 150 Ski Hill Road


106West’s community electric vehicle delivery services are a first in the nation program. The program was adopted by the Town of Vail to increase the safety of pedestrians, improve the guest experience, and reduce environmental impacts caused by vehicular traffic in pedestrian mall areas. 365 days a year, they receive and deliver all of the commercial food and beverage products, including alcohol, for Vail Village core. They work with over 50 vendors/distribution companies and service over 45 bars and restaurants. The program is efficient, coordinated, cost effective, and environmentally friendly.

In addition to last mile solutions, 106West serves Garfield, Eagle, Pitkin, and Summit counties with interline services, medical industry transport, and general courier services.

106West has been selected as the contractor to operate the E-Delivery and Logistics pilot in Breckenridge for the 2024/25 season.

Questions specifically for 106West can be directed to

106West - Standards of Procedure (SOP) *This document may be updated from time to time and is dated with the latest version.

F&B_SOPs_Delivery and Returns-4.12.24
Download PDF • 59KB


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a pilot?

The program will launch as a pilot to collect data on the volume of goods being delivered in Breckenridge’s downtown core to understand the viability of a long-term delivery and logistics solution. A pilot is more easily managed and can be flexible based on learning outcomes and community response and input.

How do I opt in/out of the program?

Will the pilot remove all the trucks from downtown and the Riverwalk?

When does the pilot program begin and end?

Who is paying for the pilot program?

What is the geographical scope of the pilot program?

Will 106West handle all types of goods in the pilot program?

How will 106West handle product returns?

How will 106West handle lost/damaged goods?

How will 106West staff the pilot program?

How will 106West deliver my goods?

What vehicles will be used for deliveries?

How will 106West handle my volume of goods?

How will 106West deliver during Breckenridge events?

Will there be a loss of employee parking?

Do I have to arrange to pick up items at the Tiger Dredge dock?

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