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Free Compost Program Gives Food Scraps Second Life

Guest post by Alyssa Sporrer

First of all, why should we compost? Isn’t it easier to just throw food scraps in with the trash? This article from Summit Daily explains just how important composting is to help the planet and fight climate change! Professor Davies visited Breckenridge earlier this year and shared that we must act now to protect ourselves from the climate disaster, read more on the climate emergency here.

High Country Conservation has teamed up with Strong Future to provide Summit County with an amazing, FREE food scrap drop-off program.

Composting is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Sign up to get the access code for the food scrap bins at all 3 recycling centers

  2. Learn what items you can put in your compost bin on HC3’s website

  3. Fill up your bucket and bring it to your drop-off location! Once at the recycling center, enter the code, dump your food scraps, and start collecting your food scraps again.

Many people want to compost but don’t have the time, tools, or know-how. And then there's the "it's smelly" argument. Lucky for us, HC3’s airtight buckets prevent any smells from escaping and are the perfect size to sit on your counter or under the sink. If you live in Summit County, now you can dispose of your food scraps responsibly when you join this program.

Why is Composting Important?

According to the USDA, Americans waste about 31% of food produced. What happens to all of that wasted food? Most of it goes to landfills to sit for years before it can actually decompose. It’s common to think that food would naturally decompose from there- nope!

Landfills don’t have enough oxygen to help organic matter, like food waste, decompose. Instead, food waste, and all other waste, stays in the landfill for many years to come (sometimes up to hundreds of years!) This results in the release of methane gas which is a very potent greenhouse gas. As we know, greenhouse gas emissions are a major contributor to climate change.

You have the power to reduce your emissions and make a positive impact on the planet today- for FREE! Your food scraps will actually enrich the local environment when they are collected and turned into compost that residents can purchase for their gardens or landscaping. Sign up with HC3 today and get composting!

Still have questions? Contact High Country Conservation about their food scrap drop-off program.

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