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Material Management Fee to Help Recover O&M Costs to Town

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Pay Your Materials Management Fee Online

Pay your materials management fee through our partner company Xpress Bill Pay. It’s easy – directions are below!

*IF YOU ALREADY PAY UTILITY, BUSINESS LICENSE, OR SALES TAX BILLS WITH XPRESS BILL PAY, you only need to add this new customer account to your existing Xpress Bill Pay profile. *

1. Login to using your email address and password. (You will need to set up an account if it is the first time)

2. On the top of the home screen select Add Account.

3. Enter Town of Breckenridge or 80424 in the box for Search Billing Organizations. Hit enter or select search.

4. Select Town of Breckenridge

5. Select Accounts Receivable

in Step 1: Enter your Account Number (aka Customer Number)

in Step 2: Enter your Business Name (Just the first word or number should be enough)

Select Locate Account

in Step 3: Check the box for Opt in: So you will receive the invoice as soon as it is loaded into Xpress Bill pay next year.

6. Verify the information. If correct, Select Yes

7. Decide whether or not to set up Auto Pay, which will automatically take payment on or before the due date and send you an email.

8. On the Home Screen Select View/Pay eBills...this will take you through the payment screens

9. Changes or corrections to your contact information can be communicated by email to; or fax to (970) 453-0693.


In 1996, the Town adopted an ordinance with the intent to protect public health, safety and welfare by regulating trash dumpsters and enclosures, both public and private. At that time, eight (8) enclosures were built by the Town as shared spaces to dispose of waste for businesses in the Conservation District, reducing the number of individual dumpsters in alleyways and the associated problems. Two additional enclosures are managed, but not owned by the Town for a total of 10 in the program. Businesses not using shared enclosures were required to build private enclosures that met specific guidelines as described by ordinance.

In the 25 years since the ordinance was adopted, there have been a number of changes and developments that have impacted the effectiveness of the program:

· Number of businesses

· Type of business use

· Evolving waste and recycling streams

· Town goals around waste diversion and recycling

· Number of residents and visitors

· Private waste service providers and contracts

· Private enclosure design requirements

· Parking requirements

In 2019, the Town overhauled the program in conjunction with a new hauler contract for trash and recycling services. Businesses and qualifying residential units in the area have since been required to submit a signed user agreement before a trash and recycling account can be set up with the contractor and before a keycard is issued by Public Works. Businesses that close have their keycard deactivated. There are currently ~240 users in the program. This number changes as businesses open and close throughout the year. Users, both businesses and qualifying residential units, pay for trash and recycling service costs according to the total number of users in the program, use type, and size of establishment. Users, or their designated representative (management company or landlord) pay trash and recycling service costs directly to the contracted service provider.

Since 2019, the Town has tracked staff time and hard costs related to program administration, operations, and maintenance of the facilities. In 2021, the actual cost to the Town was $126,000 to operate the facilities and administer the program. Staff presented a cost recovery model to the Town Council at their October 25, 2022 meeting and was directed to bring back an ordinance establishing a Materials Management Fee to recover costs for operating the facilities. The ordinance passed first reading on November 22, 2022 and will have second reading on December 13, 2022.

Table 1 describes the annualized fee schedule established for 2023.





Office/Beauty/Spa, Retail ≤1,999 sq ft Residential



Cafes, Restaurants + Bars ≤1,999 sq ft Retail ≥2,000 sq ft



Restaurants + Bars ≥2,000 sq ft Large grocery


Users who continue to use the shared commercial enclosures will pay an annual Material Management Fee to participate in the program. Invoicing will take place in January and payment is due to the Town no later than April 1 of each calendar year. If a business or residence opts out of the program, they must comply with the other requirements for trash/recycling enclosures outlined in Title 5, Chapter 6 of the Town Code. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in deactivation of the users’ keycard and access. Compliance will also be reviewed at time of business license renewal.

The Town is committed to providing access to services and facilities at a fair price. Be on the look out for invoices in January of 2023 and reach out to Public Works with any questions.

For more information and a history of this decision, please visit the following links:

September 6, 2022 – Town Council Special Meeting (pg. 7) October 25, 2022 – Town Council Regular Meeting (pg. 3) November 22, 2022 – Town Council Regular Meeting (pg. 20) SustainableBreck Plan 2022 – Material Management Goals (pg. 41) Town Code – Zero Waste + Trash Enclosures Public Works Rules and Regulations – Effective December 6, 2022 (pg. 106)

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