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Recycle Right

Recycling is important all throughout the year, but Earth Week is the perfect time to refresh your memory on best practices!

Did you catch HC3's recycling webinar last week? Watch the webinar recap here for tips and tricks on recycling in Summit County.

More Recycling Resources:

  1. Print recycling signage to be sure your waste is ending up in the right place

  2. Use Rocky the Recycling Robot if you aren't sure where something belongs. Bookmark the page for easy access!

  3. Plastic Bags and Plastic Wrap: Bring these items to City Market to be recycled, more details on what items are accepted can be found here.

  4. Granola Bar and Candy Wrappers: We all have them! Groove Silverthorne accepts any brand of candy and snack wrappers for recycling.

  5. Coffee Cups, Lids, and Straws: Coffee cups are the biggest problem item in our recycling. Recycle Right and bring them to Groove, all brands accepted.

  6. Coffee Capsules: Another recycling conundrum. While we recommend not using capsules or using a reusable capsule, these can be recycled at Groove as well.

  7. Food Scraps: Sign up for HC3's FREE composting program. Food scraps can be recycled at all county drop off sites.

  8. Food and Beverage Cartons: Got milk? Soup, milk, juice and other cartons can be brought to the county drop off sites for recycling.

Recycle Right and help the Town of Breckenridge reach our goal to reduce waste by 40% through reducing overall consumption, recycling and composting.

Happy Earth Week!

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