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Why LOVE Electric?

A Colorado organization, BEL-CO, recently launched a new website called "Love Electric" that seeks to educate and accelerate the adoption of efficient electric technologies in homes and businesses across the state. The information provided by the website help navigate some of the technology misperceptions, illustrate cost savings, and provide information on utility rebates, contractors, and other resources to help go all-electric.

BEL-CO is a coalition of stakeholders in Colorado working to advance beneficial electrification in Colorado’s buildings and industrial facilities through building leadership, sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, coordinating market development strategies, and increasing consumer awareness.

Beneficial electrification refers to installing energy-efficient electric equipment—such as heat pumps for space heating and cooling, heat pump water heaters, and induction/electric cooktops—in place of combustion-fueled (typically propane or natural gas) equipment. Switching from a non-electric energy source to an efficient electric energy source is beneficial because as the electrical grid is increasingly powered by renewable energy, the electrification of appliances can:

  • Reduce customer costs,

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions,

  • Improve indoor air quality, and

  • Utilize grid resources more efficiently and flexibly.

BEL-CO works closely with the national Beneficial Electrification League, a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase understanding of the benefits of electrification by promoting the market acceptance of beneficial electrification (BE), educating policy makers on the value, benefits and tools of BE and by serving as a conduit and facilitator of BE resources. The group’s vision is for BE to be universally accepted as a necessary strategy to meet economic, consumer and environmental goals.

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