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Xcel Energy - COVID19 Action & Updates

Shared by Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is committed to providing safe, reliable service to our customers across Colorado. We have a strong track record of preparing for emergencies, because our customers and our communities rely on us to power their homes and businesses and to keep the economy moving. Please know we’re focused on preparedness and have solid business continuity plans in place to ensure our operations are not impacted. Teams across our company have enacted response plans to ensure our service to our customers continues.

Xcel Energy will not disconnect residential customers’ electric or natural gas service until further notice. This step will help ensure people have the energy they need to power their homes and keep their families safe. For customers who have difficulty paying their electric or natural gas bill, the company will work with them to arrange payment plans that meet their circumstances. We encourage customers to visit for updates and online assistance before calling our customer care agents This will help alleviate long wait times for those who need to speak with an agent.

The company has enacted a work from home policy and is encouraging our non-critical work employees to stay home and practice social distancing to limit the spread of the virus and the potential impact on our healthcare systems. While we believe all employees are essential, some are simply more directly involved in ensuring the lights stay on and the gas continues to flow. Please know we are well prepared for this scenario and may replace in-person meetings with a phone call. We look forward to exploring new opportunities to connect with our communities, partners, and customers virtually.

We are working with all areas of our company to address the needs of operations and to temporarily adjust business practices as needed. We are closely tracking workforce capabilities and will continue planned work as much as possible. If for some reason we need to adjust, we will make sure you are one of the first to know.

We understand state Emergency Operations Center and many local centers have activated their services. The Community Relations team—Kelly, Craig, Preston, Tyler, Lucas, Tom, and Ashley—is here to assist with local needs and support you. In addition, I am also available for any questions or concerns and will be working closely with the state EOC.

Xcel Energy also remains committed to supporting our nonprofit partners across the state. We understand many nonprofit organizations, particularly during this time of year, depend on their signature fundraising events for a large portion of their annual revenue. With this in mind, we are committed to continuing our support of these events, regardless of whether the event takes place. We are also evaluating and monitoring additional opportunities to support our communities during these unprecedented times.

  1. We do need your help on one important item. As we adjust our service operations, we need an understanding of our cities’ updated restrictions on non-critical services. As cities and counties minimize their services, we ask for clarity around operational services we depend on. Two examples of this include permitting, and service locates. We need this for both non-critical and critical services which directly impact our electric and gas service. We will be reaching out to get a better understanding  from each of our cities.

  2. In a time like this, I admire how we as Coloradoans are responding to this situation and our commitment to work together. Please know that we are always here to support our communities and our partners throughout the state.

Warmest of Wishes-

Hollie Velasquez Horvath

Director, Community Relations

Xcel Energy- Colorado

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