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Learn more about how Breckenridge adopted PAYT and URO.


Breckenridge staff worked closely with community stakeholders, residents and businesses to develop our Pay as You Throw and Universal Recycling programs. Summit County’s Zero Waste Task Force met four times between fall 2021 and early 2022 to create recycling programs tailored to Breckenridge. The Task Force was comprised of 35 members and included local waste providers, large and small businesses, local government staff and residents.

High Country Conservation Center and Breckenridge staff also hosted three public forums in January 2022. These Zoom webinars offered program information and live Q&A to help residents, business owners and HOA representatives. In addition, HC3 conducted a survey in early 2022 to request input from residents and businesses on the proposed programs. More than 300 community responses were received, and survey input was utilized to improve the final Pay as You Throw and Universal Recycling programs.

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