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The SustainableBreck Plan is the long-range sustainability action plan for the Town of Breckenridge. Adopted for the first time in 2011, the plan outlined a series of goals identified through extensive community engagement. It was the first time Breckenridge set a waste reduction goal. In 2022, the SustainableBreck Plan was updated to reflect the current community's vision for the future of Breckenridge. 


The Town is focused on reducing overall material consumption and increasing recycling and composting across the community. An effective material management system requires the coordination of policy, waste collection, handling, education, and prevention. 

Goal: Reduce materials going to the landfill by reducing waste at the source and increase the proportion of what remains that goes to recycling and composting.

In 2022, the Breckenridge Town Council adopted two ordinances which form the basics of Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) and Universal Recycling (URO) in order to help the community achieve its 40% landfill diversion target.


Below are resources designed to familiarize you with PAYT/URO and to help you come into compliance with the regulations.

Not sure if you're in town limits? Click the Map Tool and search your address. Only addresses in town limits will generate results. 

Residential Curbside Customers

Residents with individual trash containers now have service choices. Only pay for what you throw away.

Business Customers

Commercial accounts are now required to recycle. Learn what that means for your business.

Multi-family Customers With Shared Service

Live in an apartment or condo complex? Learn more about accessibility to recycling.

Waste Haulers

Hauler requirements including reporting, compliance deadlines, and customer communications.


Understand waivers, variances, direct payment assistance, and grant opportunities for compliance.

Coaching and Technical Assistance

Coaching is available including site visits, waste audits, and general Q&A. Ask an expert and divert more!

Employee Training

Resources available for annual commercial employee training

Recycling Guidelines

Single-stream curbside service is coming to all households in 2023. Learn how to recycle right.


Understand deadlines for compliance and penalties for non-compliance

Report Non-Compliance

Report non-compliance issues so outreach and education can be targeted for compliance

Recycling Signage

Download the approved signage package for trash, recycling, glass, and compost


Learn more about how Breckenridge adopted PAYT and URO.

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