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Residential Curbside Customers

Residents with individual trash containers now have service choices. Only pay for what you throw away.

Residential Curbside Customers

If you contract for trash services, contact a local waste hauler to sign up for Pay As You Throw trash and recycling services. If trash service is provided by your property owner, let them know about Breckenridge’s requirements, which include having recycling collection services and multiple trash options.

Note: The Town does not provide municipal hauling services and does not determine or control rates. The Public Works Administrative Rules and Regulations require that haulers publish Pay As You Throw pricing on their website.

For compliance:

1. Select trash service from 36, 64, or 96 gallon container

2. Ensure curbside recycling service is included or apply for exemption

3. Store trash and recycling either in an approved enclosure or in a secured outdoor container and labeled by contents.

4. Place trash and recycling curbside only on days of scheduled pick up between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. All materials must be contained within the appropriate container or are subject to overflow rates.

Group Accounts. Representatives of group accounts are obligated to notify all individual customers of the volume based service options and of the provision of recyclables collection service before entering into a group account contract with the hauler.

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