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Multi-family Customers With Shared Service

Live in an apartment or condo complex? Learn more about accessibility to recycling.

Multi-family Customers With Shared Service

If you contract for trash services, contact a local waste hauler to sign up for recycling collection services. If trash service is provided by your property owner, let them know about Breckenridge’s requirements, which include having recycling and collections services in addition to trash.

Note: The Town does not provide municipal hauling services and does not determine or control rates.

For compliance:

1. Work with your hauler to determine the recycling requirements for your business. Multi-family properties are required to have 50% recycling volume to trash unless otherwise specified in the Public Works Administrative Rules and Regulations.

2. Confirm storage area complies with requirements in the Town Code 5-6-5.

3. Ensure all common area trash bins have an accompanying recycle bin that is labeled with approved signage.

4. Conduct tenant training annually and within 30 days of move in. Maintain records of trainings.

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