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Breckenridge Launches Shared-Mobility Services to Reduce Congestion and GHGs

The latest initiative to help get people out of cars launched June 28 in partnership with Colorado CarShare and Xcel Energy. The program provides two electric cars housed in the S. Gondola parking garage that can be reserved up to four months in advance for trips as short as 15 or as long as multiple days. This enables households to forgo car ownership, reduce the number of cars in a household, or leave cars at home when visiting.

The Town's SustainableBreck Plan, adopted in 2022, highlights the need for alternative transportation models including expansion of shared-mobility services. Earlier this spring, the Town launched the Breck E-Ride, designed to offer car-free access to mobility options in Breckenridge. With 17 hubs throughout town, strategically placed in workforce neighborhoods and community destinations, the Breck E-Ride allows users short commuter trips around town.

Together these two programs help support infrastructure and options that help both residents and visitors in Breckenridge go car-free for the majority of their trips and substitute electric car travel for longer trips that require a vehicle.

In addition, the Breckenridge Free Ride, the Town's free, year-round transit system, operates seven routes during summer months. The Free Ride boasts five battery-electric buses in its fleet. It's never been easier to get where you need to go and limit your emissions in Breckenridge.

Check out the latest news on these programs and learn how to plan your next weekend run without the car.

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