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Breckenridge Water Rates Reflect Conservation

The Breckenridge Town Council approved an increase in water charges for all Town of Breckenridge water consumers by passing an Ordinance to the Breckenridge Town Code. The new rates reflect a 5% increase beginning January 1, 2021. The rate increase is for all residential in-town and out-of-town base rates, commercial in-town and out-of-town base rates and excess use charges. Water is billed every two months for the preceding two months. You can find the new 2021 water rates here. The following are frequently asked questions and answers: Q: Why were the water rates changed? A: Reasons for the increase are and to fund the increasing costs of maintaining our municipal water system and to encourage water conservation. Q: When were the rates last changed? A: The rates were last changed at this time last year. Q: When will I see the increase on my water bill? A: Water is billed every two months for the preceding two months. Therefore, customers will see the initial increase on their March 2021 water bill. Q: What will be my dollar increase, as a residential user? As a non-residential user? A: You can find these new rates by clicking on this link. Q: How can I check my past water use? A: Water usage per household is reflected on your water bill each billing cycle. You can see up to two years of historical usage by logging into your account at Q: How can I conserve water? A: Go to our WaterSmart Program and learn about water conservation. Q: Does this rate increase affect my sewer bill? A: No. Sewer service is provided by the Upper Blue Sanitation District. If you have questions concerning sewer service, contact the Upper Blue Sanitation District at (970) 453-2723.

Thank you for caring about your water use!

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