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EV charging projects in the pipeline

Two EV charging projects for the Town of Breckenridge are currently in the planning phases for 2022:

  • 150 Valley Brook Rd. (Breckenridge Police Department) In late 2022 the Police Department anticipates procurement of an electric F150 Lightning to be used as a new Community Service Officer truck. To support this vehicle, and future fleet EVs, staff is planning to install a DC Fast Charger on site. Town has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Colorado Energy Office to go towards this project, and staff has submitted an application to Xcel’s EVSI program that will hopefully help cover some of the make-ready infrastructure costs (New transformer, switchgear, and line extension will be needed). The charger is intended to be “Police Priority” but still open for public use. Signage will indicate that Public must remain with their vehicle while charging, and priority must be given to police vehicles that need to charge.

  • 200 Clubhouse Dr. (Breckenridge Golf Course/Gold Run Nordic Center) Staff is currently working on submitting a grant application to the Colorado Energy Office for two dual-port level 2 chargers to be installed at the Golf Course/Nordic Center. The maximum grant award amount would be for up to $18,000, and we anticipate award notification by sometime in March. These would be open to the public, and are the same type of chargers we currently have at Town Hall, Rec Center, Ice Rink, and Public Works. Users would be able to charge their EV while playing a round of golf or during an outing on the Nordic trails. On 1/18/2022 staff had an initial site visit with Xcel energy, who will be helping determine what electrical supply infrastructure upgrades may be needed.

The Town of Breckenridge currently operates a total of 44 plugs that are open to the public for Level 2 EV charging:

  • 22 plugs inside the new South Gondola Parking Garage

  • 8 plugs at the Ice Rink

  • 8 plugs at the Rec Center

  • 4 plugs at the Public Works campus (Airport Rd)

  • 2 plugs at Town Hall

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