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Low Waste Holidays


Tomorrow is Halloween and many of us picked up a pumpkin or two to decorate our stoops and porches. When the festivities end and you want to dispose of your pumpkin, take it to one of the 3 recycling centers around Summit County to be composted! This service is being provided for free by High Country Conservation Center now through November 8th! Please remember to remove candles, artificial lighting, paint, glitter, and any other decorations before putting them in the designated bins.


You can avoid excess waste by carefully planning out your Thanksgiving feast and not over-buying food at the store. When decorating the table, find natural decorations that you can return to nature once the festivities are over. Finally, take any leftover food scraps and compost them at one of the Summit County recycling centers. This Ask Eartha post gives more tips on how to have a sustainable feast.

Winter Holidays

The season of giving comes with a lot of wrapping paper, trees, and sparkling lights. Each of these things have special disposal here in Summit County. Only wrapping paper that holds its form and looks fibrous when torn can be recycled. Christmas tree recycling is available late December and into January at locations posted by HC3. String lights that no longer have any life in them can be recycled at both Lowes and the SCRAP during normal business hours. Read more about holiday recycling here!

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