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State plans for more electric vehicles

The Colorado Energy Office released its updated 2020 Electric Vehicle Plan, which for the first time includes the electrification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, in addition to personal vehicles. The plan reiterates the state’s 2018 goal of having 940,000 light-duty EVs in Colorado by 2030 and of increasing the number of electric vehicles used by state agencies. Other components include conducting an analysis of charging stations across the state to provide better charging access.

We have transportation to thank for a major portion of smog pollution in Colorado. Our vehicles are a leading source of climate-changing pollution in our state, causing serious risks for our planet and our health. Not to mention, this pollution also increases the risks posed by COVID-19.

The 2020 Electric Vehicle Plan is the first time the state has committed to transition the entire transportation sector to zero-emission technology.

We are doing our part in Breckenridge to support clean transportation through our strong climate action goals. Currently, we have two electric buses in the FreeRide Fleet and the Town received a $2.1M grant to transition three more buses to all-electric! Plans are also in the works to install 16 public charging stations at the Ice Rink and Rec Center. Be on the look out for details later this year so you can charge up at the new stations!

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