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Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The Breckenridge Town Council recently approved amendments to the Disposable Bag Fee ordinance, setting a deadline to phase out plastic retail and take-out bags as well as paper bags made from less than 40 percent recycled content. At a Council meeting on Tuesday, January 26th, the Council further refined the rules to include compostable plastics in the phase out. Beginning September 1, 2021, no retailer, restaurant, or vendor in Breckenridge can provide single use plastic or compostable plastic bags. Paper bags that meet the requirements will still incur the 10 cent fee. This helps Breckenridge meet its waste reduction goals outlined in the SustainableBreck Plan (2011) and Climate Action Plan (2018).

Residents and visitors should plan ahead, bring reusable options, or get a Breckenridge reusable bag from one of the many participating retailers or lodging companies.

A Breckenridge Bag subcommittee is working to release a Request for Qualifications for artists to design the 3rd edition of the Breckenridge reusable bag. There have been two Breckenridge bag designs to date. The original bag was designed in 2013 and displayed prominent images of Main Street from the view of the Blue River corridor. The second bag was designed in 2017 and features a decorative timeline of important events in Breckenridge against a colorful display of recreational activities. The 2017 bag was designed through a competitive selection process intended to showcase the “essence of Breckenridge.” Bags not only serve a practical purpose, but have become an icon of Breckenridge’s sustainability initiatives and serve as a practical souvenir for many visitors.

For retailers and restaurants interested in offering Breckenridge reusable bags for guests, visit for more info.

Check out recent news from the Summit Daily on Breck's efforts to reduce single use bags.

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