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SustainableBreck Annual Report Published

Here in Breckenridge we believe sustainability is the ability of today's community to use and enjoy our resources without compromising the ability of future generations to use them. Each year we take a step back to appreciate how far we've come and evaluate how we can go above and beyond. Our annual report provides a snapshot of our progress on our sustainability journey, reminding us where we've been and where we'd like to go.

Looking back, the Town of Breckenridge made some major strides in 2019 towards our SustainableBreck goals. It's an imperfect journey, but we are proud of how far we've come. Colored circles are assigned to each indicator that show the current state of achievement towards the 2030 targets. Numbers within those circles are a snapshot of current conditions. Click through each category below for the most recent update on each indicator.

2019 SustainableBreck Highlights:

  • In October, Town Council and staff leadership attended the Mountain Towns 2030 Summit in Park City, renewing our commitments towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and striving for carbon neutrality in our community

  • We have greenhouse gas reduction goals to cut emissions 80% by 2050

  • Our new Destination Management Plan commits us to becoming leaders in the environmental space

  • We're beginning to electrify our fleet with two all electric buses already online and more coming in 2020/21

  • A new glass recycling station was added to Carter Park

  • We've provided $1,500 rebates to homeowners and businesses who go solar through Solarize Summit

Community involvement is important to us, we welcome your feedback and input as we form policies and implement projects to achieve a carbon neutral and healthy future for our community.  

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