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Celebrating 10 years of SustainableBreck

Ten years ago, the Town of Breckenridge engaged local citizens on a task force to develop the SustainableBreck Plan. Ahead of its time in mountain towns, the SustainableBreck Plan identified ten areas in need of attention to help make Breckenridge a better place to live, enjoy, and recreate. Those topics include:

Resource Conservation




Forest Health


Child Care

Land Use

Wildlife Habitat

Recreation and Open Space

One of the first major initiatives was the disposable bag ordinance which levied a 10 cent fee on all single use bags (plastic and paper) to deter their use. Breckenridge created a reusable bag program, providing durable reusable bags to lodging and retail partners across town to help elevate the program. Ten years later, the Town Council has opted to phase out all plastic bags and paper bags that contain less than 40% recycled content in an effort to further reduce waste from disposable bags (effective September 1, 2021).

Produced on an annual basis, the Sustainable Annual report provides a snapshot of progress on the goals outlined in the plan. Since then, the Town has also adopted the Water Efficiency Plan, Climate Action Plan, and is developing an Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan.

Stay tuned for more highlights of SustainableBreck in 2021.

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